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Video and Cutting Edge Gait Analysis

As athletes, we have a training plan and work hard to achieve our goals. But at times, we experience plateaus in performance, limiting our ability to become faster, stronger and more efficient.

Perhaps we have even sustained an injury. Or we recover from one injury only to encounter another…and another…and another. And despite tweaking training protocol, practice sessions, mental approach and diet, the “stuck” remains.

My purpose is to eliminate the “stuck”, once and for all. Repetitive injury and sub-performance will be a thing of the past. You will improve your performance and your body.

Our performance and function come down to one factor: how we move. Everything we do and achieve is base on our movement patterns. In the office, we use the most sophisticated analysis methods available to determine how movement is occurring. We then find the problems in an athlete’s movement and work together to eliminate them.

We achieve this through the use of slow motion freeze frame video gait analysis and insole computerized gait analysis. Every minute aspect of gait is thoroughly analyzed.

Believe me, this is not your mother’s or shoe store “gait analysis.”

This technology is then combined with my expertise in analyzing gait. Gait and movement have been my professional passion for over 25 years. I am a renowned lecturer on gait and teach other doctors and therapists at the largest sports medicine conferences in the world.

Let my expertise and cutting edge technology allow you to achieve all you can be.

To learn more about cutting edge gait analysis and how it might benefit you, please contact Dr. Karen Langone today.

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